Tuesday, January 16, 2018

HOMEWORK for next week!

1. Finish up your photos--not especially imminent for next week, but will need to be done the week after.
2.  Concerning your Lemur-inspired character:
        A. After you finish your character design, do a line drawing in the style of the Mr.Bean cartoon. Analyze what makes this style tick--particularly the linework--big shapes vs small shapes, thin vs thick lines, and most of all--a Spartan economy of line.

         B. Do this exercise again in this style, also with sparing line economy, but a pretty different vibe:

3. Finally, due next week--2 Line drawings (no rendering, value, or color)--I want you to take your composition from your photo assignment, and do 2 layouts, each with different line qualities (to be clear, the style of the image should be mostly straight--if you wanna simplify a bit that's fine, but you don't have to cartoon-ify or stylize the shapes and such--we're mostly concerned about the character of the line itself):
        A. the first Line-style should be like Cliff Roberts--it should feel naive, a little uneasy, imperfect, but determined--that is, DON'T erase, or redo. Start a line and draw in a slightly wobble-y, illustrative style like the lines seen here:

        B. the second style should be almost the complete opposite--it should be incredibly elegant, flow-y, and almost robotically perfect. the Pen tool is allowed, but make sure your lines flow and the final output has almost the qulaity of a logo--Graphic, simple, elegant:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hey matt!

can you upload either the paintovers that i gave to you last night, or the revised art work if you've done any since yesterday? thx